| 16-20 Jan 2017, Macao

Technical Program

C10. PDE Based Image Processing Techniques and Their Applications


Organizer 1

Name : Suhua WEI

Affiliation : Institute of Applied Physics and Computational Mathematics, China

Email : wei_suhua@iapcm.ac.cn

Organizer 2

Name : Yuying SHI

Affiliation : North China Electric Power University, China

Email : yyshi@amss.ac.cn


The goal of image processing is often to extract meaning from quantified digital images automatically. Partial Differential Equations based methods have been proved to be a powerful tool for different image processing tasks. For instance, image restoration, image segmentation, image inpainting and so on. Those PDE based image processing techniques have allowed researchers and practitioners not only to introduce more advanced models but also to develop appropriate numerical procedures. Here, we will address mathematical models, numerical algorithms, theoretical analysis and various applications for different kinds of image processing tasks.  

Keynote Speakers: 

●  Bin Dong, Peking University, China
●  Jianfeng Cai, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong
●  Tieyong Zeng, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong

Invited Speakers: 

●  Hongwei Li, Capital Normal University, China
●  Jun Zhang, Nanchang Institute of Technology, China
●  Qiyu Jin, Inner Mongolia University, China
●  Shihui Ying, Shanghai University, China
●  Shujun Fu, Shandong University, China

●  Suhua Wei, Institute of Applied Physics and Computational Mathematics, China
●  Yi Shen, Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, China

●  Youwei Wen, Hunan Normal University, China

●  Yuying Shi, North China Electric Power University, China

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