| 16-20 Jan 2017, Macao

Technical Program

B1. Modeling Quantum Transport at Nanoscale


Name : Chun ZHANG

Affiliation : National University of Singapore, Singapore

Email : phyzc@nus.edu.sg


Theoretical understanding of electron/phonon transport through nanoscale junctions plays an essential role in the future development of nanoscale electronic/spintronic devices. This symposium includes (not limited to) the following topics: 

●  Development of ab initio Methods for Transport Phenomena at Nanoscale 
●  Computational Design of Novel Nanoscale Devices
●  Effects of Strong Correlations on Electron Transport
●  Thermoelectric Materials
●  Emergent Transport Phenomena

Keynote Speakers: 

●  Haiping Cheng, University of Florida, USA
●  Xiaoguang Zhang, University of Florida, USA

Invited Speakers: 

●  Erhai Zhao, George Mason University, USA
●  Guanghui Zhou, Hunan Normal University, China
●  Keqiu Chen, Hunan University, China

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