| 16-20 Jan 2017, Macao

Technical Program

A4. Modeling and Simulation of Nanoscale Spintronics Devices and Materials


Organizer 1

Name : Yan ZHOU

Affiliation : The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Email : yanzhou@hku.hk

Organizer 2

Name : Avadh SAXENA

Affiliation : Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA

Email : avadh@lanl.gov


The success of today’s information era relies highly on the data storage capacity attributed by novel spintronic devices, which has attracted multidisciplinary experts in the scientific community. Device experts have been searching nanoscale multifunctional materials and devices with lower power consumption, faster operation speed, and higher storage density. Understanding the physics of magnetic materials by contemporary experimental and theoretical tools is crucial for the realization of state-of-the-art magnetic devices. 

This special issue serves as a platform to exchange ideas that facilitate theoretical and computational exploration of magnetic materials. We invite original research papers and review articles that report recent advances in spintronics, which shed light on the novel theory and simulation methods of the physical phenomena of nanoscale magnetic materials to be used in next-generation spintronic devices. 

Potential topics include, but are not limited to: 

●  Micromagnetic Simulations 
●  Spin-lattice Simulations
●  Simulation and Electronic Design of Skyrmionic Devices
●  Simulation and Theory of Magnetic Domain-wall Devices
●  Simulation of Spin Torque Oscillators and Spin Hall Oscillators

Keynote Speakers: 

 Guoping Zhao, Sichuan Normal University, China
●  Jiadong Zang, Johns Hopkins University, USA    

Invited Speakers: 

●  Haifeng Du, Chinese Academy of Sciences
●  Junichi Iwasaki, Univ. of Tokyo
●  Wang Kang, BUAA, China
●  June-Seo Kim, Eindhoven University of Technology
●  Sang-Koog Kim, Seoul National University
●  Kyung-Jin Lee, Korea University
●  Xu Li, The University of Hong Kong
●  Shizeng Lin, Los Alamos National Laboratory
●  Qingfang Liu, Lanzhou University
●  Yan Liu, Northeastern University, china
●  Junlin Wang, University of York
●  Zidong Wang, The University of Auckland
Jiang Xiao, Fudan University
●  Xiangjun Xing, Wenzhou University
●  Ming Yan, Shanghai University
●  Zhe Yuan, Beijing Normal University
Chun-Yeol You, Department of Emerging Materials Science, DGIST
●  Yue Zhang, Johns Hopkins University
●  Jianbo Wang, Lanzhou University

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